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Dr MC Conradie performs groundbreaking new Minimally Invasive Surgery

Towards the end of 2023, Dr Conradie performed a groundbreaking surgery in South Africa and as far as our knowledge this has never been done before in South Africa. One of the patients that presented to our practice had a kidney disorder as well as a uterus disorder which required both of these organs to be removed from the abdominal cavity.

The patient requested that this operation be done by minimally invasive techniques so that there would be absolutely no scars. As mentioned above the kidney had to be removed due to a developmental problem as well as the uterus.

In order to achieve the no scar outcome of the operation Dr Conradie took both the kidney and the uterus through "natural orifice surgery" that means that the only entry wound was made at the belly button and the inside of the vagina. Both of the organs were extirpated from the abdomen through the vagina.

This is a technique that is sometimes utilized overseas but as far as we know this is the first in South Africa. The patient went home on the second post operative day and was back to her normal activities a few days later


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