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These glands are paired organs that lies adjacent to the upper part of each kidney. They are important because they produce a number of important hormones for body function.

These include cortisol, and adrenalin. 

It is very possible for an adrenal gland to develop a mass/tumor in its substance.  These masses can be divided into cancerous and non-cancerous conditions. 

These can be further divided into hormone producing masses or hormone non-producing masses.  If the mass produces an excess of hormones, it can lead to systemic diseases. 

In general, masses that is increasing in size, larger than 4cm or hormone producing masses, must be surgically removed.


This is a very serious mass growing in the adrenal gland that produces an excessive amount of adrenalin. The main symptom is high, uncontrollable blood pressure.

The only treatment would be surgical removal of the adrenal gland. Due to the dangers of this condition, it is recommended that it is referred to an experienced laparoscopic urologist/surgeon.

This is to prevent complications during the operation.

The internationally preferred operation would be laparoscopy or key hole surgery. Patient usually goes home 2 days after the procedure.

The adrenal gland is demonstrated in this diagram to be on top of both kidneys

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