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Dr MC Conradie completes his 3000th kidney removal procedure

Dr MC Conradie performed his 3000th kidney cancer removal surgery recently in South Africa.

This milestone was made possible because Dr MC Conradie has a special interest in kidney cancer and kidney reconstructive surgery but also because he devoted most of his career in minimally invasive kidney surgery which made him the go to-person with any type of difficult kidney surgery or cancer.

Dr Conradie received numerous international awards for his contribution in developing more effective techniques in kidney cancer surgery.

Here, you see Dr Conradie holding a kidney cancer deemed inoperable, but she managed to successfully remove this very large kidney cancer and the patient was discharged a few days later.

Although this kidney cancer is large, as can be depicted in the picture. It is not the largest kidney cancer that Dr Conradie has removed by minimally invasive techniques. The largest one Dr Conradie has removed laparoscopically to date weighed in at 3.2 KG’s. This patient traveled all the way from the USA to seek Dr Conradie’s expertise.

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Celebrate Dr. Conradie's 3000th procedure and learn about the commitment Waterfall Urology has towards excellence. Read more on our news page.



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